Giving fishing tackle as a gift is more than just giving a rod or a reel.  You’re actually giving memories that just haven’t been made yet.  When your loved one or friend takes their new tackle out on the water, they will be making fond memories that often last a lifetime.  Fishing has a unique way of bringing friends, family, and sometimes even complete strangers together in a way that not many things can.

To assist you in making the right selection(s), we’ve put together some recommendations to help guide you.  Fishing is a very dynamic sport and there are many techniques and opinions out there and almost no absolutes.  That being said, these recommendations put together by the experienced team at Cadence represent great choices by both angler type and also by species.  Should your angler have a different opinion, then have no worries.  We have a very simple and hassle-free return policy and can swap things out to ensure 100% satisfaction!


By Angler Type

Kids (ages 4-8) 

While this specific CC4 model is a regular (i.e. adult) combo for smaller species of fish, it’s perfect for young anglers to learn how to use spinning tackle and easier to cast due to it’s shorter/lighter action and light weight.


Kids (ages 8-12)

The CC5 combo is an incredible value and perfect for getting older kids more serious about fishing.  It has all of the features you could ask for and is incredibly tough and durable for years of fishing fun!


New Angler

Someone newer to fishing and just getting into the sport needs versatility.  The CC6 features a durable aluminum bodied reel, perfect for a wide variety of situations due to it’s corrosion resistance that’s at home in both freshwater and light saltwater applications.


Experienced Angler

This is for the angler that seems to have it all.  They only use the best and want all of the bells and whistles.  Look no further than our flagship models that offer all of the performance you could ask for, but at a modest price.  Both the CR7 and CS10 are sure to impress any angler.



By Species

Largemouth Bass

The avid bass angler’s tool kit includes low-profile baitcast reels and Cadence has the perfect solution at an incredible value.  The CB5 baitcast reel packs tons of features into an awesome reel that’s available in two sleek color options.




Smaller fish require a lighter action and this setup is absolutely perfect!



Our field testers, ambassadors, and other friends in walleye country have confirmed that this is THE ticket when it comes to walleye.



Light action and lightweight is the name of the game for throwing small trout baits and lures.  This is a high-performance setup that any trout angler would be proud to own.


Light Inshore

Inshore reds, sea trout, flounder and other species need a durable rod and reel that can withstand the rigors of saltwater.  A corrosion resistant frame and carbon fiber drag on our CS7 reel provides protection from the elements and is great for small to medium sized saltwater gamefish.




While the recommendations in this guide are excellent solutions for putting smiles on the faces of your favorite anglers this holiday season, if you are looking something more specific, please note that we have a deep assortment of fishing rods, reels, and combos in a wide variety of sizes, actions, etc.  We encourage you to explore those further via the links below:


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From the team here at Cadence, we wish you and your family the warmest of wishes and the tightest of lines this holiday season and beyond!