Bass are some of the most sought after game fish in North America. When you think about bass, many envision a tough-fighting, big fish. To be sure, bass do come out fighting when you hook one, be prepared for a battle. They leap right out of the water and will give your spinning rod a workout.

Bass come in a variety of species and sizes and landing a trophy bass is a rewarding experience indeed. Another reason anglers like to target bass is because you don’t need hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to catch them. Bass are aggressive fish and will attack your bait if it gets anywhere near them.

Two of the more common bass species are the smallmouth bass and the largemouth bass. The obvious difference in these fish is in their appearance as the smallmouth bass has a much smaller mouth. The jawline of a largemouth bass will extend beyond its eye, making it pretty easy to identify.


Bass are not very picky eaters, they will go for almost anything you throw at them. But keep in mind that bigger lures will entice bigger bass. Selecting bass lures is nearly as enjoyable as fishing with them.


Spinnerbaits are nice as they attract bass and are able to cover a lot of water. This strange looking bait consists of a shiny, spinning blade dangling from an opened safety pin design. On the other side is a lead head of varying weight with a hook. A skirt covers the hook. Popular spinnerbait sizes range from 1/4 ounce to 3/4 ounce and you can get them in variable colors.

Topwater Lures

There is nothing more exciting than watching a bass leap out of the water to snatch the bait, which is why you should have topwater lures in your tackle box. These lures are designed to sit on the surface of the water, causing splashing and popping as it is retrieved. The purpose of this is to create the appearance of a potential meal in distress. There are plenty of topwater lures on the market and in the shapes and colors of several species including frogs and crayfish. Rebel and Rapala are two top names to keep in mind when shopping topwater lures.

Rubber Worms

No other bass bait is as versatile and effective as the rubber worm. This is because they are very lifelike and feel like natural food. They are also offered in an endless number of designs, dimensions and colors. Fishing with a rubber worm is not for the impatient angler as every cast is retrieved a whole lot slower than other types of lures.



Crankbaits are another type of lure that is versatile and can cover a lot of water. They are also very effective in a wide variety of environments. Crankbaits come in a variety of sizes, weights, shapes and running depths. The correct combination depends on any number of variables including the depth of the water you are fishing.


While jigs are effective bait, the success rate at which you catch bass depends largely on your skill level as a fisherman. Jigs are not easy bait to use, but if you are skilled, you will catch good-sized bass.


Where to Catch Bass

Lakes, ponds and rivers provide plenty of opportunities to catch a trophy bass. The internet is a great place to identify bodies of water where bass can be found. There are also a few excellent fishing apps that you could utilize to discover great spots for bass fishing. You could also just ask fellow fishermen where they go to catch bass.