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2018 Cadence Holiday Gift Guide!

Giving fishing tackle as a gift is more than just giving a rod or a reel.  You’re actually giving memories that just haven’t been made yet.  When your loved one or friend takes their new tackle out on the water, they will be making fond memories that often last a lifetime.  Fishing has a unique… read more

The Best Fishing Combo for Shaky Head Bass Fishing

When the water cools down and the bass become finicky, shaky head fishing can turn an angler’s day around. Whether you are fishing deep points or shallow structure, a shaky head paired with a craw or finesse worm can usually tempt those picky fish to bite. The most important aspect of fishing a shaky head… read more

How to Maintain the Drag on a Spinning Reel

Fish on! You’re in the middle of a fight with a bonafide monster! Zap! Snap! Broken line! Your drag just locked up! Maintaining a fishing spinning reel drag is one of the simplest tasks out there but one that many people fail to do. While disassembling the drag is an easy task even for the… read more

Gear Review: CS8 Spinning Reel

There are plenty of specialists in the angling world: those who exclusively target a single species. Bass fishermen come to mind first, but there are other culprits. Then there are guys like Anthony Moody who spends over 100 days a year chasing almost anything with fins and scales that swims the waters around his home… read more

Cadence CS7 Reel: A Reel That You Can Always Count On

Mosquito Lagoon is no place for wimpy tackle. Bruising redfish, black drum, marauding jack crevalle, and feisty tarpon can put a hurtin’ on lesser rods and reels. Add hundreds of inexperienced clients who are notoriously tough on gear plus a corrosive saltwater environment and you have a prime recipe for tackle destruction. This is what Longwood,… read more

It Starts With A Cast

I fondly remember my best fishing trip ever. It lasted maybe an hour, and I didn’t catch a single fish. Our family was in Naples, Florida visiting my in-laws. My daughter Anna, who was four at the time, announced, “Daddy, I want to go fishing.” I rigged a four-inch plastic worm on her spincast outfit… read more

How to Select a Spinning Combo

For the cost-conscious angler, a spinning combo – a matched and balanced spinning rod and reel, is the ticket to better quality at a bargain price. However, just like many deals portrayed as “bargains,” the admonition of “buyer beware” still applies. Here’s how to pick the best fishing spinning combo while not getting ripped off.… read more

Catch, Clean, & Cook – Bring Fishing Full Circle

It’s easy for longtime anglers to complicate things. There’s always new gear to put through its paces, and new techniques to try. These are all very exciting in their own right, but when you’re looking to initiate a new angler to the joys of fishing, it’s ideal to focus on the basics. If you’re nodding… read more

Gear Review: Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

If you are a bass fisherman then no doubt you’ve heard of the Ned Rig. It is a finesse style of fishing that has a reputation of eking out limits even when the bite is tough.  If you aren’t familiar, a  ned rig is simply a small stick bait put on a jig head. The… read more

The Right Spinning Rod & Reel for Kayak Fishing

For thousands of years, great thinkers agonized over the answer to the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? Believe it or not, the best spinning combo for kayak fishing produces the same dilemma: What comes first, the rod or reel? Thankfully, there is a clear and unambiguous answer. The rod must… read more

Gear Review: Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel

They say steelhead is a fish of a thousand casts.  Army veteran Luke Thompson from Medford, Oregon spends over fifty days a year pursuing steelhead on the Rogue, Umpqua, Illinois, and Applegate rivers in southwestern Oregon. “Most of the time I swing spoons from the bank,” reports Thompson. “Occasionally I resort to drifting or bobber-dogging.”… read more

Two Golf Secrets Every Angler Needs to Know

Pros teach every golfer two fundamental rules that are equally important for anglers. The first thing a beginning golfer learns is the swing followed by endless hours at the driving range attempting to perfect the stance, grip, and muscle motion to produce the perfect arc. In short, they train their bodies to memorize the movements… read more

How to Buy a Spinning Rod – 5 Critical Features to Compare

It all comes down to using the correct spinning rod – one with the right balance of action, power, length, composition, and construction – for the terminal tackle you decided to match against the fish you want to catch.  And… in the end… catching fish and having fun is what it is all about! Avoiding… read more

11 Things to Consider when Buying a Spinning Reel (Part 2)

things consider buying spinning reel

In part 1, we discussed why items 1 through 5 were important characteristics of a quality spinning reel. In Part 2, we pick up with item 6 – the handle knob – an important, yet overlooked feature. Again, here are all the factors to consider: Spool design – long cast or traditional Line on spool… read more

11 Things to Consider when Buying a Spinning Reel (Part 1)

There are so many choices! How to cull the good from the bad? By recognizing higher price does not always equate to better quality! There are great inexpensive reels with the same features as expensive name brands – you just need to know what to look for in a good spinning reel. If you use these… read more

How to Take a Kid Fishing – 3 Keys to Success

Give back memories

For many of us, the memories of our first fishing trip are remarkably similar. We remember the excitement of walking down to the bank of an old farm pond. The smell of soil and worms in an old can. Then comes the “plop” of the red and white bobber slapping the water, followed by the… read more

Bass Will Give Your Spinning Rod a Workout

Bass are some of the most sought after game fish in North America. When you think about bass, many envision a tough-fighting, big fish. To be sure, bass do come out fighting when you hook one, be prepared for a battle. They leap right out of the water and will give your spinning rod a… read more

Fishing Reels, Fishing Rods and Fishing Apps

  These days, smartphones are as common as Starbucks. So it makes perfect sense to incorporate your smartphone into your next fishing trip along with your best fishing reels and fishing rods and apps. And the fact that many newer phones are waterproof means you can bring it along without fear of sprays, slashes and… read more

Using a Spinning Rod and Reel, You can catch almost anything

Is there any one fish anglers consider to be the best catch? What is considered to be the best fish to catch is clearly subjective. Some say it is the fish that gives the most fight while others will argue it is the rarest type of fish you could hook. Now, if you are in… read more

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